Tibetan mala is a string of prayer Mysor Sandalwood beads for spiritual practice. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and sometimes referred to in English as a "rosary", reflecting similarities to Christian practices. The main body of a mala is usually 108 beads, though other numbers are also used. In addition, there is often a 109th bead (often of a distinctive size or colour) and/or tassel and sometimes there are additional beads which may be decorative or used for counting rounds. A mala is used to keep count while reciting, chanting, or meditation.

Michelle Brusasco with Buddhism back round and for the love of Spiritual and Beauty , she created a Tibetan Mala/ Shamballa 108 Mysore Sandalwood beads necklace or can be wrap around your wrists. By adding on pave diamonds beads as makers beads, maker Om bead, silver Buddha head with pave diamonds crown, beautiful red tassel to perfection her idea of Beauty exists in the most humble, spiritual and unexpected way.


108 6mm old Mysore sandalwood beads.

10mm Guru Buddha head with pave diamonds crown.

6mm of 2 maker beads.

6mm maker Om bead.

Red tassel.

Approximately 23 inches length plus 3.5 inches tassel length.


*** To refresh yours dried out beads If you find them losing their smell, put them in a ziplock bag with a few drop of real sandalwood essential oil, zipped up overnight, their scent should be restored.

6mm Mysore Sandalwood Beads Mala/ Shamballa necklace ( wrap around wrist )