“Taking inspiration from the symbolic prayer beads of many cultures and precious gems tones, perfection hand-crafted, braided to connected them with simple string. This unique, beautiful yet spiritual luxury design has rebelled against everything we knew about jewelry. It’s Shamballa bracelet, the bracelet with storytelling. “


Sandalwood is considered one of the most precious and sacred woods of all time. Many believe that sandalwood has excellent medical and magical benefits. It's believed that wearing sandalwood will increase the power of your wishes, cleanse your spirit and strengthen your mind.


Sandalwood Buddha beads Shamballa is the ultimate combining of Beauty and spiritual bracelet. 


18 sandalwood beads.

2 pavé Diamond beads size 8mm.

2 diamond rondel size 8 mm.

Silver Buddha head.

Strong elastic core measurements Inside Flexible adjustable fit from 6.75“-8.5" wrists.


*** To refresh yours dried out beads If you find them losing their smell, put them in a ziplock bag with a few drop of real sandalwood essential oil, zipped up overnight, their scent should be restored.

Buddha Sandalwood prayer beads Shamballa bracelet