It is one of the favorite kind of Buddha amulets of Thai citizens. Phra pidta closes his eyes, thus has the function to prevent villains. It's for avoiding weasel and devil, bringing unexpected money, fortune in investing and business. It is also known to keep one safe from evil.


7 mm of 108 Mysore Sandalwood beads.

Old Vintage Phrapidta Buddha set in 22K solid gold.

Diamond jump ring.

12mm guru bead.

Vintage 7mm 18K gold bead.

Deep red color silk tassel. 

Approximately 25 inches length plus 2.5 inches tassel length drop.

Flexible core for wrap around your wrists style.


*** To refresh yours dried out beads If you find them losing their smell, put them in a ziplock bag with a few drop of real sandalwood essential oil, zipped up overnight, their scent should be restored.

Famous vintage Phra Pidta Buddha and Mysore Sandalwood Mala/ Shamballa necklace.