The naturally/ rare Blue Tiger Eye is a stone of calm, energy soothing and tranquility entity for protection, power, perseverance, good luck and good fortune. It fills the aura with a fiery confidence, will push you to reach new heights while remaining grounded and focused your mind. 


The Blue Tiger Eye Shamballa necklace has been designed with the intention to create a unique blend of Beauty and Spirit elements in order to form a luxurious yet spiritual feel. It perfection hand-crafted and braided with:

54 blue Tiger eyes beads size 10 to 11mm.

Design center Diamond beads size 12mm.

925 silver Ganesh Slider end Bead.

Approx fix size 23inches necklace.


*** *** Wear alone or layered to create your story necklaces. Wear this and seek your Shamballa within.

Midnight Blue Tiger Eye Shamballa necklace.