Mysore Sandalwood Beads are precisely made up of quality sandalwood that is enriched with peaceful and soothing scent. These beads are combined together to form religious garlands that are used for chanting purpose. Mysore Sandalwood mala beads enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes. This could raise the positive thoughts which are good for your mind. It also help in healing Properties at a glance: Soothing, peaceful, clear perception, tranquility, positive frame of mind.


108 7mm Mysore Sandalwood beads.

Guru sandalwood bead.

Diamonds crown Buddha head.

Red tassel.

Approximately 30 inches length.


*** To refresh yours dried out beads if you find them losing their smell, put them in a ziplock bag with a few drop of real sandalwood essential oil, zipped up overnight, their scent will be restored

Mysore Sandalwood Buddha Mala necklace